What has happened to the Online Mentor (OM) applications?

The applications have been re designed and upgraded to take advantage of the latest technologies.

The OM:Halo concept integrated the OM suite of web applications (OM:trainee, OM:paralegal, OM:reflect, and OM:eLearning).  These were stand alone applications that could be seen in a central management console, could import and export data between the applications, and were easy to use due to the fact that the user interfaces were similar.  On developing this concept it became clear that it would be extremely useful if all of the applications were part of one unified system.  And so, fresh:unity was born.

What has happened to the Online Mentor Limited?

Online Mentor’s employees and shareholders were all part of the Fresh Development Group (FDG) which combined the professional development training services of Fresh Professional Development (fresh) and the professional development software solutions of Online Mentor (OM).

Since 2015 the three companies have operated as one organisation.  Whilst we knew we were effectively “one company”, the message was confusing to our clients.  Therefore, we decided to restructure and become one company.

As of 1 January 2019 we are  Fresh Professional Development Ltd.