Unity: trainee is a powerful online Application which enables trainee solicitors, L&D departments and law firms to effortlessly comply with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Training Contract Regulations*1.

Unity: trainee provides a dynamic solution which records all training, reflections and developments and relates these activities to the SRA’s Practice Skills Standards, firm’s checklists and practice areas.

The power and unquestionable benefit of Unity: trainee is that it dynamically creates limitless reports and analysis in real time.

The business benefit is that it maximises both the input and output of your trainees. Trainees will save unnecessary administrative time and increase their knowledge through an exceptional learning experience.  Firms will be able to benefit by trainees spending more time on delivering work, building vital legal experience and far less time on learning administration.

*1 – SRA Training Regulations 2014
Trainees must maintain a record of training which: Contains details of work performed; Records how the trainee has acquired, applied and developed their skills by reference to the Practice Skills Standards; Records the trainee’s reflections on his or her performance and development plans ; Is verified by the individuals supervising the trainee”   (Regulation 14.1)

The App

All the professional development solutions in one unified system

fresh:Unity is the unified system for L&D managers. It is one unified system; not a collection of applications that can integrate, it is so much more. To help demonstrate what the system does, we have created applications within the system, which are focused on law firm roles.

Core Components:  The Journal  |  Knowledge Base  |  eLearning  |  Reports

Optional Modules:  Appraisals System  |  File Store  |  Data Analytics  |  Customised Firm CMS

The journal is the heart of Unity: trainee.  Journal entries identify: the: Work done on a file, matter, or case;  Training or other professional development; Reflections and learning points.  All entries can be linked to: SRA Practice Skills Standards; Practice areas; Firm’s compliance framework areas.  Entries can also be related to: Uploaded files; Supervisor verification

Trainees can access their Unity: trainee account by any browser enabled device. No additional software is required. Users benefit from powerful features, such as: Targeted searches; Easy to view navigation; Quick find items; Filtering and grouping of results; Quick and simple sign off for supervisors.

All Knowledge Base articles can be dynamically linked to journal entries.   The Knowledge Base is a rich source of training material, and information.  It provides access to the following features: fresh content (PSC electives, TLP eModule, professional development articles, personal development articles); Unity: trainee content (user guides); Firm specific (documents; course materials (including eCourses); user guides).

The content in the Knowledge Base is designed to link to a user’s journal.  All content has the following features: Word Count and Read Time
; Pop Up QuestionsIntegrated eLearning Courses

Unity: trainee is so much more than just a dynamic training contract record.  Unity: trainee links a trainee’s participation in an eLearning course to their journal. The trainee can then edit the dynamic record to add reflections and any other points.  Assessments taken as part of eLearning programmes are recorded and retained with their certificates within fresh: Unity

In addition to the fresh eCourses, firms are able to add their own eCourses to the the system.

All reports are always up to date.  L&D professionals no longer have to compile reports manually. With Unity: trainee reports can be created at any time to cover any time period. Unity: trainee gathers data from each trainee.  This data provides valuable information to the trainee, the department and L&D professionals.

The Standard Reports are: the Engagement Report,  the Progression Report,  and the Sign Off Report.

Additional Reports are available and include: The Cohort Reports, the Departmental Skills Analysis and the Cross Department Skills Analysis reports.


We provide a range of managed services, these include: Application Installation, Induction Training, Support Desk

Unity: trainee’s Knowledge Base has detailed user guides and videos for both trainees and supervisors.  These are complemented by a comprehensive FAQ’s database.

Delivering Solutions

For Firms

Increases trainee engagement by:

  • Creating journal entries at the touch of a button
  • Easy access from anywhere, via laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Dynamically links to eLearning  courses
  • Enables your firm to effortlessly comply with SRA training regulation 14.1
  • Easy to use
  • Search by supervisor comments
  • Sign off multiple trainees with batch sign off and power filters
  • Journal entries encourage reflection
  • Develops a continuing competence skill set
  • More effective mid and end of seat reviews
  • Integrates with fresh eLearning courses
  • Courses can be allocated to specific users or groups
  • Records activity and results, providing real time visibility for the firm
  • Dynamically creates and stores course certificate
  • Real time data at the touch of a button
  • Identifies areas of strength and weakness
  • Trainee and cohort benchmarking
  • Trainee sign off status
  • Exception reports
  • Saves time on routine administration
  • Central repository for your firm’s training materials
  • Standard or customisable fresh training materials
  • Dynamically link to journal entries
  • Links to current and historic materials
  • fresh: Unity user guides
  • Firm specific training guidelines and policies
  • Provides a lifetime fresh: Unity account.
  • The user has the same account throughout their legal career.

Provides searchable records of all completed training contract records:

  • Great for benchmarking current trainees
  • Solves the SRA requirement for historic records
  • Compliments Risk Management

Highly secure hosting, providing:

  • Regular data back ups (every 15 minutes)
  • Data is stored in multiple locations
  • Co-located and mirrored data centres

For Trainees

  • Easy to use and navigate with the intuitive design
  • Increases trainee engagement
  • Ease of recording entries with multiple skills standards
  • Saves time – less time spent on administration
  • No software needed
  • Access from any device that is browser enabled
  • Record journal entries in real time
  • Access from anywhere

Records all types of professional development:

  • Work done
  • Training
  • Professional conduct or ethics

Links entries to multiple checklist entries:

  • SRA practice skills standards
  • Practice areas
  • Firm specific compliance frameworks

Instantly search all journal entries and knowledge base items, using the power of:

  • Keyword highlights
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Smart searches 
  • Saved searches

The Knowledge Base is rich source of interactive articles, training material and user guides

  • All articles have interactive questions which when answered create an populate journal entries
  • Create dynamic links to articles from all text fields in your journal
  • Provide access to fresh: Unity user guides
  • Provide access to Firm specific training guidelines and policies
  • Integrates with fresh eLearning courses
  • Select from your firm’s eLearning catalogue
  • Creates dynamic journal entries
  • Records activity and results
  • Dynamically creates and stores course certificate
  • Journal entries encourage reflection
  • Develops a continuing competence skill set
  • More effective mid and end of seat reviews
  • Provides a lifetime fresh: Unity account.
  • The user has the same account throughout their legal career.

System Features

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