The Dynamic Solution To Continuing Competence

Unity: solicitor is designed to deliver the four key stages of the SRA Continuing Competence Process.

Unity: solicitor provides a fully integrated system for capturing Reflections, L&D Objectives and L&D Activities, dynamically populating bespoke Development Plans and Development Records.

Unity: solicitor collates your Reflections and compiles the evidence base and audit trail to demonstrate that you have reflected on your practice and addressed any identified learning and development needs, thus enabling you to proceed to make your Annual Declaration.

‘I have reflected on my practice and addressed any identified learning and development needs’ 

(SRA Annual Declaration wording)

System Overview

Simple To Use…

Stage 1: Reflect and Identify

You can create a Reflection at any time. OM:Reflect is designed so that you can easily add your reflections from your desktop, from a tablet, or even when you are mobile, via your smart phone.

OM:Reflect provides a flexible tool for all forms of Reflection.

Stage 2: Evaluate and Plan

Your reflections will enable you to Evaluate and Plan L&D Objectives, with the option to select which elements of the Statement of Solicitor Competence (SoSC) the objective addresses, and to link them to specific L&D Activities.

OM:Reflect allows you link objectives to multiple activities.

Stage 3: Address and Record

As you Address your L&D Activities, update your entries to:

    • Record your key learning points

    • define the impact on your practice

OM:Reflect Records real time development.

Stage 4: Review and Declare

The Review section seamlessly combines your reflections, development plans and development records. Thereby enabling you to focus on your review. OM:Reflect dynamically converts the Review to enable you to make your Annual Declaration.

The OM:Reflect Review combines Reflections, Objectives and Activities.

…Yet Powerful


The dynamic Development Plan draws down from your L&D Objectives and associated L&D Activities to automatically populate a bespoke Development Plan.


The Development Record captures L&D Objectives with the current status of the linked L&D Activities. On completion, you can capture development outcomes, key learning points and the impact on your practice.


Unity: solicitor dynamically combines Reflections,  the Development Plan and the Development Record making it easy for you to review your developmental progress.


All entries in the Reflections, Objectives or Activities sections can be mapped to one or many elements from the Statement of Solicitor Competence.


The data created is fully searchable by:

– Date
– Keywords
– SoSC
– Your firm’s Competence Framework


Having created the Review, you can link it to your Annual Declaration, captured on the L&D management interface.

Additional Features

Feature Benefits
Dynamic Searches Powerful search of all entries by any combination of date, Statement of Solicitor Competence, or keyword
SOSC Mapping Maps all entries to the Statement of Solicitor Competence (SoSC)
Realtime Visibility Realtime visibility of your learning development records
Exemption Reports Report on those who have yet to complete their Annual Declaration
Status Reports Firm wide reports on individuals, groups or the whole firm
Competence Evidence Seamlessly provides evidence to underpin individual annual declarations
Knowledge Base Provides online information as part of the application, including:

  • The SRA’s Statement of Solicitor Competence
  • Your own firm’s Competence Framework (if required)
  • Unity: solicitor User Guides

Other Benefits

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